Mixed Media and Digital

All That Remains

Artworks inspired by observations of the traces of human presence, and by thoughts and memories, constructing and re-constructing narratives remembered, and sometimes invented; whispers of a forgotten history, a history derived from old photographs of family, friends and strangers. The mixed media pieces explore qualities of surface and are generally constructed using photographs, a variety of papers and fabrics, dyes, acrylics and found objects. Pieces are built in layers combining images and objects that evoke memories of time and place which, although were once significant, had become distant or temporarily forgotten.

Coastal and Rural

Assemblages intended as a celebration of the natural changes and inherent qualities of landscape. The pieces are constructed using a combination of photographic image, a range of papers and fabric, acrylic paint, drawing processes and natural materials sourced on walks along the beach and in rural landscapes.

Icons and Idols

Just for fun.......

Digital Images

Digital prints developed through the manipulation of selected images from mixed media pieces, printed onto silk print papers and mounted on watercolour paper. ** print transfer onto canvas fabric

Commercial Artwork and Commissions

War To The Palaces is a CD recorded by Ragged Trousers, a vocal trio from the North West UK who perform traditional folk songs, work songs and shanties. (produced by Free State Records) Digital images developed from selected artworks feature on the front and rear cover of the sleeve, and on the inner booklet. **

Greetings Cards


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