Sharon was born in the market town of Skipton, known as the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, spent her teenage years growing up in Lancashire but has lived in the coastal town of Southport for the past 30 years. Between 1980 and 1983 Sharon undertook a Multi-Disciplinary Art and Design degree specialising in sculptural ceramics, followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, and has had many successful years of teaching art and design in the North West of England.


A’ Level: Art and Design / Ceramics
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) : Multi Disciplinary Design – specialising in sculptural ceramics
Post Graduate Certificate in Education: Art and Design
Advanced Skills Teacher: Art and Design
Arts Award adviser, mentor and assessor


Working with young people, Sharon was able to unlock their potential - Paul Bousfield (Abraham Guest Academy)

Sharon is a gifted artist and experienced educator - Anne-Marie Quinn (Learning & Engagement Officer, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Lakeland Arts)

I have worked closely with Sharon on a variety of Art and Literacy innovative projects combining poetry, discussion and Art; the work produced by students has been remarkable. I highly recommend her - Joyce E. Holden (Education Literacy Consultant And Trainer & Amnesty International Human Rights Speaker)

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